Viss Mini Ion II At Home Iontophoresis Machine with Red LED Therapy

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The new Viss Beauty Mini Ion II device is a handheld at home iontophoresis machine that utilizes a light electric charge to drive nutrients from moisturizers, face masks and lotions deeper into the skin for better absorption and combines that with red LED therapy to sooth and rejuvenate your skin. Iontophoresis has long been used in clinical settings for the administration of medications, and now this proven technology can be an essential part of your home beauty routine!

Red LED therapy for skin care is a recent evolution of laser technology that uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate collagen production and healing and remove blemishes from the skin. By combining these two technologies, Viss Beauty has made the Mini Ion II At Home Iontophoresis Machine one of the best skin care devices on the market!


  • Allows deep penetration of nutrients into skin
  • LED light treatment stimulates healing and removes blemishes
  • Massage around eyes for stress relief and eye-lifting
  • Relieves tense facial muscles through vibration
  • Brightens dark eye circles and delays wrinkles

What is Iontophorsis?

A trans-dermal delivery system in which a charge bearing substance is propelled through the skin by a low electrical current. This method can be used to drive vitamins and anti-aging nutrients through the skin barrier as well as exfoliate dead and dull skin.

Demonstration of Galvanic Current

Galvanic current has no interruption and flows in one direction from negative to positive. This ionizes nutrients and helps them penetrate the epidermis.

When applying the treatment to another person, be sure to make contact with their skin. This allows the current to properly flow from the device.

Viss Ion Mini Benefits

Viss Ion Mini Benefits

  • Reduces fine lines and lifts the skin around the eyes
  • Vibration function helps relax tense facial muscles
  • Brightens dark eye circles and prevents the formation of wrinkles
  • Helps vitamins and nutrients penetrate deep into the skin


Viss Ion Mini Features

Instructions for use


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